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May 2020

  • I'm now adding galleries to the Makings page, to show more of my creative work. It is under construction - so still a bit of creative mess there.

  • More items in my webshop ->
    I've added more cards and lavender sachets with new quotes and  words of wisdom.

Hello & welcome! Please do have a look around - and don't forget pop by the shop.


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I work mainly with textile and paper in various forms. I aim for my creations to be both useful and bring good feeling about them, some way or another.

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Växthuset (Florist)
Skogslyckegatan 3
587 24 Linköping

Love & Reloved

Balkåkravägen 237


Hemslöjden i Östergötland

Storgatan 41
582 23 Linköping

Jenny Karlsson Design

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

- John Keats (1795-1821) -

Events to be

13 juni - 31 oktober
, 2020

        Kulturgatan, Bodafors

Previous events

Lördag 30 November, 2019

Plats: Hemslöjdsgården (Bergmanssalen)

Storgatan 41, Linköping

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Jenny Karlsson

Linköping, Sweden

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Handmade items with wisdom, nonsense and nostalgia. Freehand embroidery and handwritten quotes.

Handgjorda kort, lavendelpåsar, väskor med mera. Broderat, handtextat och sytt.