Power up?

The bounce got out of your bungee? Sing along to these for a bit and you might jump up in yer frequency a notch or two..
The first three have been on repeat for me today whilst during doing laundry.. I really do like to sing so I have done that, and it helped and now I feel much more up and energized and in my power somehow. SO easy to get stuck in a negative rut / hole / pattern, and to just stay there.
You know you need to break the yuckiness, so just start by bending up a corner of it with a little song and then, little by little, it will peel off. Just skip the ones that feels ‘off’ to you & try the next.
All the best to you!
/ Jenny
March 11th 2023

Lovely little jolly tune
Makes me happy
For a bit of (girl)power
Eileen Óg – A bit of traditional folk is never wrong!

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