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Long lasting writing.

I do all my embroidery on freehand, so when you see text on cushions and sachets they are all made directly from the needle one letter at a time.

The only exception is when using cross stitch.

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I have started to add a few cushion covers in my webshop at Etsy. So have a look there.


I write quotes and words of wisdom with nib pen and ink, which I then scan, print and sew on to greeting cards and notebooks.

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Greeting Cards

Posters - Coming soon!

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My shop on Etsy


I make one of a kind handbags and crochet mainly hats and shawls.

All of the handbags are numbered inside with an embroidered number patch, I have made over 500 of them so far.

When I crochet, I prefer wool, silk and other natural fibers.

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One of a kind Handbags

Hats / Barets


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These can be found at the Hemslöjden shop in Linköping, Sweden.

- I am planning to add selected items to one of the webshops so you can buy online as well.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

- John Keats (1795-1821) -

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30 November
, 2019

        Kl. 11-15

Plats: Hemslöjdsgården (Bergmanssalen)

Storgatan 41, Linköping

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Handmade items with wisdom, nonsense and nostalgia. Freehand embroidery and handwritten quotes.

Handgjorda kort, lavendelpåsar, väskor med mera. Broderat, handtextat och sytt.