Jenny Karlsson Design



Lavender sachets


Long lasting writing.

I do all my embroidery on freehand, so when you see text on cushions and sachets they are all made directly from the needle one letter at a time.

The only exception is when using cross stitch, since in needs more planning.

Wall hangings


Paper goods

I write quotes and words of wisdom with nib pen and ink,

which I then scan, print and sew on to greeting cards and notebooks. 

Notebook covers and envelopes are made out of wallpaper swatches

(which usually get's thrown away at the store after the season is over).

I make one of a kind handbags. Sometimes with embroidered text, images or just plain fabric when it speaks for itself.

All of the handbags are numbered inside with an embroidered number patch, 

I have made over 500 of them so far (the latest one was no. 519 May 2020)

I prefer natural fibres like Wool (esp. Tweed), Linen, Cotton and sometimes Silk.

When I use images I do have to use plastic though, so they last the wear and tear. 

I also make custom made bags to order, and I also mend and fix bags I that've already sold, if they are able to rescue in some way. 

Buy here:

Bags can be found at the Hemslöjden shop in Linköping, Sweden.

Or contact me directly for inquiries,  I often have some work in progress.

And any bags that are at ongoing exhibitions are usually for sale.

Cards with text

I crochet mainly hats, shawls and smaller things like flower brooches.

Using natural fibres as much as possible. Wool, alpaca, linen, silk ...